February 22, 2010


Hi! so I am back from Tuscany!... I was back a bit ago but I'm slow to post! :-) I had an amazing time experiencing one of the most beautiful regions of Italy. Not to mention, the weather was 12 degrees warmer! A-mazing. Unfortunately, I left my camera charger so I didn't get many pics but I did get some. We also stayed an extra day which was really nice because we got to see the coast and some more beautiful cities. Here are some pictures from the trip:We had a really great time and I wish I could go back right now! :P We were also able to go to Viareggio and experience their "Carnavale" which is sort of a Halloween without all the scariness. I have now started back to school and my parents are preparing for a trip back to America this Friday. Please pray for my mommy who is not feeling well with a stomach infection and pray for my sanity when I am with my brothers and sister for twelve days! thankfully, the Lord has provided friends and people to help me. :) Thank you Lord! I know my mom is really sad about leaving us because she knows we would all like to go to the states but it's ok. We will be fine and the Lord has a plan for everything that happens. Thank you for reading this and I really truly ask for your prayers in these coming weeks and always. Love,


Lisa said...

Hannah...glad to see you in the blog world! I love my blog and I know you will love the creative outlet it gives you. I will be praying for your folks...especially your mom...but I will be extra-praying for you with the sibs! I love your outlook on life...wish I could bottle it up and give it to others. God has gifted you uniquely to be where you are. I hope you get to come back to the states soon and come see me!

net_hater said...

Hannah, I am so proud of you! I prayed that God would provide for you kids to come with your parents.....so, of course, He is in charge of that! I wish I was infinitely wealthy so I could have bought you all tickets!!!

Please hug everyone for me! I have shared your site with my niece, Maurielle, as she is a photographer and generally creative gal. She will enjoy your blog and pics!!!