April 16, 2010

"You are my strength when I am weak..."

Hello all! How are you? Well it's officially the start of Spring here in Italy. Thank you Lord! If I had to spend one more day behind the gray clouds of winter... it would not have been good. For those who I have not told yet.... I'M COMING TO AMERICA! I feel like a Russian, mail-order bride when I say that... Anyway, I am coming or going...what would be the correct verb? hmm.. I am going May 13th-June 13th! I basically have no plans besides my best friend's graduation and hanging out with friends and relatives. The Lord is so great and I can't believe he has provided this amazing opportunity. I am somewhat in denial in thinking that I am really going after almost two years but I think I will believe it when I have the ticket in hand and I'm getting on the 9+ hour plane. I am sooo excited but I also have fears but I know that God's grace is sufficient for all my weaknesses, not just the small ones but ALL! In fact, I think this blog is going to be about "all." Giving the Lord my ALL, making the Lord my ALL, spending ALL my time trying to glorify and honor him, wanting ALL to know him as their personal lord and savior, obeying him in ALL things. The list could go on forever. I just think that sometimes I can get so wrapped up in myself and my plans, my life, my thoughts, that I forget about others around me and especially the Lord. I don't want to compartmentalize him, I want him to be in ALL parts of my life. I don't just want to think about him when I go to church or when I lie down at night. I want him to be my one and ALL. I think my outlook on life has definitely changed since moving to Italy. By the grace of God I can say that he has "popped" my bubble that I was living in and has opened my eyes wider to the pain and suffering of those around me. I used to get so wrapped up in me, myself, and I that I forgot about the needs of others. I still do a lot but the Lord has been gracious in awakening my heart more. Thank you, Lord! I want to be more like him. Anyway, that's about it for now. What are ways that the Lord has awakened your heart? How is he moving in you right now? Let me know! I would love to hear about the ways the Lord is working in your life.
Love you,