January 26, 2010

addictions & obsessions

so, I said I was going to keep up with this blog. This is me keeping up with it. I just wanted to take some time to tell you about some of my personal addictions... my "anti-drugs.." if you will.

Hannah Marie's secret addictions: (EXCLUSIVE!!)
  • Soy Sauce... seriously, straight from the bottle.
  • Glee. Don't tell anyone.
  • Lost, so confusing and amazing at the same time.
  • Pistachios!! [that's not really secret. ]
  • Plaid pajama pants (triple p, big points in Scattegories)
  • Cucumbers!!!! omg, secret love affair.
  • If I think of anything else, I will let you guys know.
What are YOUR secret addictions? let me know in the comments section down below.

I will leave you again with another picture. :)



net_hater said...

You know this is Mrs. Ellen, right? Anyway....I am so totally a Gleek...Jackson got me hooked and bought me the soundtracks for Christmas.....sad, I know, but I enjoy loudly singing Don't Rain on My Parade in public places....not to mention Somebody to Love and Bust the Windows.....just an embarrassing mom....=)

net_hater said...

Secret addictions? Is anyone really interested in the secret addictions of a 46 year old home school mom/pastor's wife? Too bad, you have to read it anyway!!

Pride and Prejudice (A&E)...over and over again with the book open in my hand to the right place.

Dr. Pepper....

bugging the boys on facebook and text....

starting projects and not finishing them....

Lists.....any list....love to list and read lists


That's enough to bore anyone, except me!!!

Hannah said...

haha! a "gleek" I love that. When I come back we should have a glee marathon. My personal favorites are "Take a Bow, Bust The Windows, Hate on Me, and Bust a Move." The best ones to sing loudly in the shower or car. :) I love your "secret addictions" list. I would give anything for a ten minute shopping spree in Good will right now! :) Hope my mommy gets a chance to go while she's there. Love you!! thanks for checking out my blog.