July 9, 2010

To the end of the world and back again.

Hi again! :)

Ahhh...summer. It feels good. Well, I am officially back from my trip to America. I had an amazing time and it seems like it went by WAY too fast. I loved every moment though and the Lord blessed me with many opportunities to spend quality time with good friends. Aren't good friends just the best? I love them. They definitely made my summer fun. Though it seems as if summer is flying by and as it drifts away, I am taking some time to evaluate my priorities and goals for this next year. I can honestly say, without doubt, that I have no idea what I am doing or where I am going in life. I can also honestly say that the previous statement is very freeing knowing who's hands I rest in, the Lord's. I have many ideas and plans for my own life... what is commonly referred to as "Hannah's fantasy land" ;) but the Lord's plans are greater than my own and I can rest peacefully knowing that he promises to never leave me nor forsake me. I hope that in this next year; I will search and pray for the will of the Lord no matter where it might take me. That I will not confuse my own will with his and try to make the two coincide. Lord, make me more like you, give me a heart that is pursuing of you, Jesus. We are currently taking some vision trips in order to find a place where the Lord would lead us to bring his Word. We are now in Genova, it's crazy! There are so many people but the town is so small that everything looks crammed in. I like it though, the city is right in between the ocean and the mountains. =) We are having fun, yesterday we went to Portofino and Cinque Terre, it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I love how everything in Italy is so old. In America, you can rarely find anything that is older than 100 years. There is so much history here, it's insane. I just finished the book, "A Voice in the Wind", by Francine Rivers. I would recommend it to ANYONE. It is so convicting and amazing. The story is about a young girl from Judea whose family was murdered by Romans. She was then taken to Rome and sold as a slave to a wealthy family where she lives and tries to honor the Lord while serving this worldly family, I won't give much away but it is so powerful. At first, I thought "This book is kind of slow.... but I will keep reading.." I'm glad I did. I couldn't put it down. The way the young girl, "Hadassah", remains faithful to the Lord even in the hardest suffering and trials, it's incredible. Seriously, read it. You won't regret it. Ok, book-plugging over. ;) I am very excited to go to Rome this next month as the book I just read is based mainly in Rome and it is based a lot upon actual history and the martyrs that were killed in the Coliseum. So sad how the people took pleasure in the deaths and torture of these innocent people. It makes you wonder what kind of things are happening in other parts of the world where Christianity is not allowed and even to speak the name of the Lord would bring punishment upon you. Well, ok, I should go but thank you to anyone who reads this. I know I am not very faithful with it, I am trying to be better. ;) Love you! How has the Lord brought you through trials and suffering? How has it made you stronger?

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